My name is Scott Lagasse Jr., but my family and friends call me Scotty.
SCREEN YOUR MACHINE is my personal and passionate quest to influence people about the need to get age-appropriate screenings for all types of cancer.

I am healthy today because I decided to get a check-up when I felt something that "wasn’t quite right" with my body while training for a triathlon. Had I not visited my doctor, I might not be alive to share this message with you. I am a Cancer Survivor.

I have used my motorsports and social media platforms, which include my previous driving efforts in NASCAR and Trans Am and my current role as co-owner of TeamSLR, to influence race fans with my personal plea to Screen Your Machine!

I was very fortunate to have been invited to speak at a TED Talk Conference to share my personal experiences, and laughter, regarding my fight with colon cancer. Please take a few minutes to watch my video presentation and get to know me personally.

For me it’s simple, when people get screened, lives are saved. This knowledge is powerful and life changing. I didn’t realize how important screening was, but now that I know, I spread the word and try to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s what I’m about. I wouldn’t be racing today if I didn’t catch my cancer early.

If you’re over 45, it’s time to Screen Your Machine, whether you feel anything that’s not quite right or not. The earlier you catch cancer, the better chance you have to survive and spend time doing what you love.


Scott Lagasse Jr.

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